Sunday, January 25, 2009

My baby

I woke up in a daze yesterday. Those of you who know me are probably saying, "What else is new?" I'll give that to you, but this was different. I went to bed early. Early for me means before 10:30pm. I slept decently, as decent as a mother 4 can sleep. But, I have this nasty little problem of a 3 year old who thinks she needs to sleep in my bed. I had that girl sleeping through the night in her own crib by 4 weeks of age. But now? Well let me tell you my conversation with her from yesterday.

"It's morning time mommy!" as she cups my face with her itty, bitty girl hands. (Mind you it is still very dark out. I saw a microscopic hugh of orange in the far east corner of my window meaning it's probably about 6am.) She mysteriously crept into my bed around 4am without me noticing, or was it caring?

"It's not morning. It's still dark outside," I say while hoping and praying that my lie would work.

Giggles start...."No, it is morning time, mom." In her most demanding 3 year old tone.

"Oh!" I said. I am soooooo talkative in morning. (This was a joke. I am more of a grunter in the morning. Me talk caveman 'til tea drank!)

As one eye is opened, I look over at her sucking her fingers waiting patiently for her possesed mother to realize she is there. "(Yawn, moan) Where did you sleep last night?"

Lots and lots of giggles start, "I swept in your woom!"

"You're suppose to sleep in your bed, your big girl bed. Remember? You're a big girl now."

"No, I sweepd in mommy's woom."


"Because (giggle) it's funny!"

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Casey said...

I like your little note at the bottom. For that is the only time I have lunch is when its there leftovers.... Oh the motherly joy! Have a great Mothers Day Weekend!!!